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Vosges GS, grain 60-120, gabion stones Gesteinsart: Kalkstein, Farbe: Grau-Weiß-Braun

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  • Type of rock: Limestone
  • Colour: Grey-white-brown
  • Grain size: 60-120
  • Demand quantity: 1.8 to/m³
  • Delivery unit:
€ 32,25 incl. VAT and Shipping
(Price per KG: 1,07 €)

€ 203,00 incl. VAT and Shipping
(Price per KG: 0,81 €)

€ 223,67 incl. VAT and Shipping
(Price per KG: 0,45 €)

€ 243,53 incl. VAT and Shipping
(Price per KG: 0,32 €)

€ 261,00 incl. VAT and Shipping
(Price per KG: 0,26 €)

Create a lasting impression with grey Limestone with white and brown inclusions. Suitable for stone baskets used as gabion retaining walls, gabion fence system, gabion raised beds, gabion columns, gabion benches or gabion visual protection.

The Vosges GS grain 60-120 gabion stones is available in the Big Bag delivery unit in various lot sizes 30, 250, 500, 750 oder 1000 kg. The rock or glass type is Limestone. The Colour is Grey-white-brown. The grain size is 60-120 mm, the requirement quantity 1.8 to/m³. At HS Gabionsshop you will always find the suitable product.

Product and delivery information:
Gabion filling material (gabion stones and glass rocks) may vary in shape, size and colour. The delivery is in unwashed condition: sand, loam and dust as well as oversize and undersize grain in the range of 15 % do not entitle to complaints. Rust efflorescence and subsequent corrosion of natural stones are not excluded. The filling material is measured at the narrowest point, so the actual size may vary slightly.
The delivery of filling material takes place within Germany (without islands) – carriage free - (only unloading). Delivery time usually takes 5 - 10 working days.
If you are absent during the delivery, you accept the unattended delivery of the product.

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