Stone grid: One element - numerous design options

Stone grids offer many possibilities for garden and landscape design. The constructions, also known as gabions, stone fences, stone baskets, pouring baskets and masonry stone baskets, can be used as privacy screens as well as noise protection, garden fences or raised beds.


PROFILE: What are stone grids?

If you want to buy gabions, you should first think about what you want to use them for and what they should look like.

Whether a narrow stone grid wall, wide stone grid wall or a raised bed made of gabions - the basic structure is the same for all stone grids: a wire grid construction is set up, filled with stones and closed at the top with a wire grid. The following aspects of gabions, on the other hand, are variable:

  • Height and width
  • Shape - columns or baskets (boxes)
  • Anchorage - necessity and extent depend on location, height and substrate
  • Stones frost and weather resistant (type and size of stone)

The wire meshes of the gabions consist of hot-dip galvanized steel, or better still of galvanized steel. They are therefore weather resistant and easy to clean. In addition, the grid and stone constructions are very robust and resilient, making them an inexpensive alternative to classic stone walls.

Stone grids for the garden

In the garden, the stone grid can be used almost universally. Although buildings such as the stone grid wall or the fence made of stone grid are clearly the most common application, gabions are much more than just a pure delimitation. Depending on the construction height and construction, it also offers the following applications and construction options:

  • Privacy, noise and wind protection
  • Different possibilities to create structures within the garden
  • Seating - Gabion bench, Gabion stool
  • Raised bed
  • Patio perimeter or perimeter for a seating area
  • Flower columns and flower beds

You can also design the stone grid wall in the garden in many ways, e.g. with climbing plants such as ivy or wild wine, with plant baskets that you can attach to the grid walls or with lighting. Thanks to the robust construction, there are no limits to your freedom of design in the garden with a stone grid.

Versatile design possibilities are also offered by the filling of the stone grid wall. On the one hand you can combine the stone types with each other and thus give the fence, the wall or the raised bed an individual design. On the other hand, you can use glass blocks for certain filling areas and integrate lighting into them.


Configuring and ordering stone grids

Configure your individual stone grids - here you get to our stone grid / gabion configurator.

Types of stone grid walls

Due to the varying grid sizes, stone grids offer versatile construction options. Narrow, high constructions are just as feasible as flat, wide stone grid walls. In addition to the rectangular shape, it is also possible to set up stone grid baskets in a semicircle or in the form of columns.

You have the choice between individual parts and ready-assembled baskets. It is also possible to have the baskets delivered when filled and to place them directly in the desired position.

Stone grid boxes - Construction of individual parts

In the case of stone grid boxes in individual parts, each grid (welding grid) is supplied individually and connected on site. Then the stones are added and the gabion is closed at the upper edge with a grid. It is important to fix spacers in the gabion so that the grids do not bulge due to the high pressure.

Stone grid baskets - Delivery as a set

It is also possible to have stone lattice baskets delivered as a set, either with empty lattices assembled or as filled stone lattices. The completely filled stone baskets are of course very heavy and require appropriate crane technology for assembly.


Stone grid columns

Stone grid columns are available in round and square shapes and offer just as many possibilities in terms of height, width and filling material as the narrow, high fences or a wide stone grid wall. The design possibilities are no less extensive, e.g. as follows:

  • solitary column in the garden, e.g. in the form of a planted stone column
  • Corner element or intermediate element in gabion fence
  • Arrangement of columns as gabion wall

The combination of stone grid columns with other materials is also possible, e.g. as a mix of wooden and gabion fences.


Stone grid as privacy screen

Absolutely opaque, robust, resilient and significantly cheaper than the classic wall made of stone - stone grids are excellently suited as a privacy screen and can be used in this function as a property boundary as well as a privacy screen for a sitting area in the garden.


Stone grid wall

If the gabion is used as a property boundary, it is usually a relatively high (over one meter) and relatively narrow stone lattice wall (often with a diameter between 15 and 30 cm). If the fence does not exceed one metre in height and 30 cm in width, you can in principle place the fence directly on compressed antifreeze. However, if the substrate is particularly soft and highly permeable, you should still add a supporting layer of soil. Instead of a concrete foundation, gravel or crushed stone is largely sufficient here. Anchorages are also important for stone grids in the form of a narrow, high structure, in principle just like posts for wooden fences or lattice fences. Depending on height, ground conditions and post material, this can take the form of impact sleeves or concrete anchors.


Stone grid wall - Prices, costs

How much the stone grid wall will cost depends on the circumference of the wall, i.e. height, width and length. Furthermore, the selection of the stones has an effect on the stone grid wall price. The Gabionenkorb configurator gives you a good indication of the costs.


Stone wall

With a wide stone grid wall, the floor is loaded with a considerable weight. For this reason, the gabions require a foundation. If the wall is built on a slope, an additional support is also recommended, depending on the nature of the ground and the slope.


Stone wall - Costs, Prices

Compared to the stone grid wall, the stone grid wall prices are usually higher, because this privacy wall is usually much thicker than the narrow walls of grids and stones. This means that larger lattice elements and more bricks are required for the construction. Also here the Gabionenkorb configurator helps to calculate the expected stone grid wall prices.


Configuring and ordering stone grids

Configure your individual stone grids - here you can find our stone grids / gabions configurator.


Stone grid raised bed

High raised beds made of gabions are now very common in gardens. After all, the "raised bed idea" offers some advantages:

  • Back-friendly work
  • Earlier cultivation possible thanks to a cover, often already in February
  • Well suited for structuring in the garden
  • Also makes growing on infertile soil possible

Stone grids can be used in the best way for the back-friendly bed shape. They offer even more advantages compared to the wood version, because the stones enable better heat storage. In addition, the stone grid raised bed is much more durable than wood.

The different lengths and widths of the grids allow full flexibility in terms of the raised bed size, even with gabions. Round and oval shapes are also possible.


Buy stone grids online at a good price

In the online shop Gabionenshop you can get the versatile, durable stone grids in numerous sizes. Whether you want to erect a wide wall to delimit the seating area in the garden, a raised bed or a narrow, high wall to delimit your property - you can buy the matching stone grids from us online at a reasonable price.


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